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Caffeine Cravings? Find Your New Favorite Coffee Spots Near Deland FL Homes for Sale

According to recent studies, 64% of American adults drink coffee every day and the average American consumes 3.1 cups of it daily! With a myriad of advantages including increased alertness and focus, it’s no wonder why the coffee scene is alive and well in Deland. Whether drinking coffee for its rich flavor or health benefits, there is no shortage of places here that are just waiting to be your next most-loved coffee spot – just keep reading for some of DeLand FL realtors’ favorites!

Boston Coffeehouse

Found smack dab in the heart of DeLand, Boston Coffee House is close to many of our city’s beautiful attractions. This makes it the perfect spot to grab a seat and sip on a beloved coffee concoction between errands! Bring your appetite, too – this quaint coffee shop also boasts delectable offerings for breakfast and lunch, like their Pesto Breakfast Ciabatta and Chipotle Chicken Melt!

Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co.

The wonderful team at Trilogy seeks to craft a welcome space as effectively as they craft cups of freshly roasted coffee. Their coffee bar is a true gem for all caffeine aficionados! With options from classic drip style coffee to pour overs or something more decadent, they’ve got it all. Get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown DeLand at this peaceful escape.

Village Café

Since 2017, it has been the Village Café’s dream to serve customers the best quality food and drink in a family friendly environment. There are meals and a hot cup of coffee for every size of appetite! Start your day off right with a hearty meal at the Village Café, or strap in for a filling bite to eat after an exciting afternoon on the greens at nearby Victoria Hills Golf Club.

Dick & Jane’s

A favorite of both newcomers and long-time residents alike, Dick & Jane’s is a prime spot right on North Woodland Boulevard with incredible sandwiches and coffee. Exciting décor and warm hospitality make for an intimate experience despite its location in central DeLand. Grab a seat by the front window and soak up the sights of this quaint downtown as you fill up on fresh-brewed coffee.


Using nothing but locally sourced ingredients, hormone-free meats, and more, BakeChop is your next go-to spot for scratch-made meals and extensive coffee offerings. It is conveniently located right by the summer Artisan Alley Farmers Market, which is open from 6 to 9 pm every Friday. After perusing all the offerings at market, swing through BakeChop and refresh yourself with a cappuccino, espresso, or any of their other caffeinated drinks!

There is plenty to do in beautiful DeLand – and lots of unbeatable coffee spots to keep you energized! Of course, in addition to the five aforementioned cafes, there are so many more places to check out that make life in our city so unique and unforgettable. DeLand life is the kind of thing that is best experienced for yourself. Reach out to Jennifer and the Alsbrooks Team today to learn more about our incredible listings! As your leading DeLand, Florida realtors, we have the inside scoop on all the best DeLand FL homes for sale.