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Learn What Makes Living in DeLand a Great Financial Idea

Have you been viewing DeLand, FL, houses or researching them online in hopes of finding your next home? There are plenty of financial advantages to living in Florida. And located north of Orlando, the city of DeLand (the county seat of Volusia County) has many great opportunities for people of all ages. Here are just some reasons living in DeLand is a fantastic financial decision, provided by Deland locals.

No State Income Tax

To some people, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a paycheck, only to see a large percentage of their earnings withheld for taxes. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be happy to hear that living in Florida has a lot of tax advantages.

Believe it or not, people living in DeLand, FL, homes do not have to pay state income taxes. In
fact, no one in Florida does!

Few American states have affordable living rates and do not impose individual income taxation. Florida abolished estate and inheritance taxes in 2004, as well.

If taxes are a significant factor in your decision to relocate to Florida, you’d be making a great

Affordable Cost of Living

Rent and housing prices in Florida have dropped significantly in recent years. Even with Florida being one of the most popular states to live in, especially for those retiring, prices still remain affordable.

As you’re browsing DeLand, FL, homes, consider how much you’ll save by having a more affordable mortgage! While there are other states with a slightly lower cost of living, nothing beats what Florida has to offer its residents.

Bustling Economy

Florida has one of the biggest economies in the nation, only second to Texas. To put that point into perspective, if Florida were its own country, it would be among the world’s top 20 wealthiest nations!

Another fantastic thing about Florida’s economy is that it’s incredibly diverse. If you’re looking to find a home and grow your career, the Sunshine State is a beautiful place to lay down roots.

Industry Representation

Speaking of a diverse economy, here are some of the largest industries you’ll find in Florida:
• Tourism
• Financial services
• Aerospace and aviation
• Agriculture

Florida’s unemployment rate is significantly lower than average. Why? Well, the thriving economy makes it easy for everyone in the family to find a career they’ll enjoy.

You may want to work in financial services, while your teenager could get their first job at one of the many coffee shops!

Higher Quality of Life
There’s no denying that “The Sunshine State” boasts a lot of nice weather and warm temperatures. With its subtropical climate, the daily average temperature of 71 degrees, and plenty of rays to soak up at the state’s many beaches or lakes, living in Florida can improve your quality of life.

How does that figure? Well, when you’re living your best life and happy in your environment and living space, you’ll likely perform better at work, have better relationships with your loved ones, and enjoy your day-to-day activities more.