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Make Fitness Fun with The Alsbrooks Team’s Favorite Spots Near Lake Mary FL Homes for Sale

Lake Mary may be one of Central Florida’s fastest growing locations, but this beautiful community never loses sight of its humble beginnings. Entertainment and recreation opportunities abound within its safe, family-friendly atmosphere. Lake Mary enjoys 31 more sunny days than the US average as well as pleasant, tropical temperatures year-round, making it the perfect place to have fun while you break a sweat! Don’t believe us? Just read on to see some of our favorite ways to make fitness fun in Lake Mary!

Build core strength while gliding across the water

Central Florida’s labyrinthine rivers were the main method of transportation in our early history but nowadays, they serve as one of our favorite outdoor pastimes! One breathtaking way to experience Lake Mary’s bountiful bodies of water is by trying stand-up paddle boarding. Friendly for all ages and skill levels, paddle boarding offers an extensive range of fitness benefits from upper body training to leg work and core strength. Plus, it’s fun! Buy or rent your own paddleboard, then hit the water for a good workout and an even greater time.

Find your intensity level at Planet Obstacle

Looking for some high-flying fun without going to Orlando? Look no further than our very own Planet Obstacle – the world’s largest indoor obstacle park! Boasting a jaw-dropping 45,000 square feet of space, there are plenty of activities for all ages and fitness levels. Visitors can keep their experience more casual by bouncing on trampolines (an effective cardiovascular workout) or pursue more rigorous ventures such as extreme ziplines, rock climbing walls, and more. Planet Obstacle is one of the best ways for Lake Mary residents to mix fitness with fun!

Relax while working your arms by fishing at Estella Park

Fishing is more than one of Florida’s greatest outdoor activities – it’s a good workout, too! Even though it may not feel like it during a round of angling, spending a few hours reeling in fish is great exercise for your arms, especially your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms. Plus, fishing is proven to be good for the mind as well thanks to the supreme sense of calmness that accompanies it. Stop by Lake Mary’s own Estella Park for catch and release fishing in a quaint atmosphere, then sit down with a bite to eat at the picnic tables to get that energy back!

Exercise your way at Lake Mary Sports Complex

As perhaps the centerpiece of Lake Mary’s recreational offerings, the Sports Complex offers guests a wide array of facilities and amenities for everyone to enjoy their favorite hobbies. Rent out your very own field or basketball court for a riveting game with friends, skate through the Lake Mary Skate Park, or get a little wet at the Trailblazer Park splash pad. No matter what you like to do, you can find something perfect for your interests as well as your health at the Lake Mary Sports Complex.

Fitness doesn’t need to feel like such a chore. In fact, Lake Mary is a beautiful community with plenty of offerings that allow residents to have fun while they stay healthy! Balancing work with lavish livability and copious fun is part of the reason why Lake Mary is still one of the fastest growing cities in Central Florida. Don’t miss out on living in this cozy paradise and contact us today to learn more about all our Lake Mary FL homes for sale! We at the Alsbrooks Team are your leading realtors in Lake Mary FL and it is our pleasure to help you find the home of your dreams in any of our wonderful communities.